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Moriah Shepherd

Moriah Shepherd

Executive Director

Moriah is excited to serve alongside the Board of Directors of Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer as they work to provide valuable support to individuals and families within our community in their battle against cancer. Shepherd said, “I am honored to be a part of Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer. Along with many members of this community, my own family has seen the devastating effects of cancer as well as the triumphs of remission. As I work alongside the Board of Directors and staff, I am looking forward to expanding our reach throughout our service area of the city of Danville and Pittsylvania County.”

In 2010, Shepherd began her career with Showcase Magazine and its portfolio of publications, expanding the marketing and tourism efforts within Southern Virginia and North Carolina. After four years of working with these publications, she transitioned to Piedmont Credit Union, assisting branch managers with targeted marketing efforts. Before joining Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer, Shepherd led the development efforts for the Danville Science Center as a professional fundraiser. As a recipient of the 2019 Young Professionals PACE Award through the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce, she is passionate about the future of our region. Shepherd has completed the Duke University Nonprofit Management Certification and has received a facilitation certification with the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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Shirley Adkins

Client Aid Coordinator

Shirley is Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer’s Client Aid Coordinator. She manages our services with the needs of each client, as well as provides encouragement as they travel down their cancer journey. She also makes an effort to encourage the clients in a positive way as they travel their cancer journey. Shirley states, “Some days are better than others, but there is always a need for support and encouragement. Sometimes a person just needs to be encouraged to take that “one more” step or to be congratulated when they make progress in this arduous walk.”" A country girl from Pittsylvania County, Shirley loves animals (even when they are not hers), reading, crocheting, and teaching Sunday School.

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